Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1

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Our community MUST be about sharing the services of the 2-1-1 call center. It is a service that absolutely connects all of the other services. I see it as “conduit” for all of the Wiregrass “help” services. 
Lorraine Mouery, Vice President
Private Banking Director at Friend Bank


I brag on 2-1-1 all the time, and of course refer people to 2-1-1 often. It would be tough doing what we do without you and your staff.
Ken Tuck, Love In Action International Ministries President Managing Editor/Regional Editor -Dothan Eagle/Media General Alabama Newspapers


The expectations of having a 211 Information System in the Wiregrass area were high, but the reality has proven to be even better.  On a daily basis, Catholic Social Services uses referrals from 211 to supplement the help that we provide to clients. The staff of 211 is always courteous and friendly in talking with us, and we hear the same from people we have referred.  Anytime we need to know something outside our knowledge base we turn to 211 for assistance. The Wiregrass Area, and the entire State, are fortunate to have the 211 system in place. 
Vickie Alleman, Catholic Social Services Director 


In twenty years, people will look back and say this was the best thing our community ever did.
Walter Hill, Wiregrass United Way CEO  


I would like to acknowledge how 2-1-1 has helped me to help others. I am a solo Rabbi in a small congregation. People, not necessarily Jewish, knock on our door asking for help at least once a week. Because we are a small congregation, most of the time we cannot entirely meet whatever need the individual or family has. Before the advent of 2-1-1, I had to scramble, making multiple telephone calls seeking aid. Having a centralized place to call has really streamlined the process of meeting the needs of sometimes desperate people.
Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith-Temple Emanu-El, Dothan, Alabama 


Recently, through a sub-grant from the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development through our State agency, ADECA, the State-wide coalition we are a local chapter of, The Alabama Rural Coalition for the Homeless (ARCH), received funding for an emergency program to help those at risk of loosing their homes due to job loss, etc. Without the assistance of 2-1-1, this important program would never have gotten off the ground. The 2-1-1 operators were the first important link in the screening process. The statistics for 2-1-1 speak for themselves. More and more in this changing world, we are relying on technology to bring us to the services we need, when we need them. 2-1-1 is providing this important link between the consumer and the service deliverer, in a manner far more efficient than was possible even a few years ago. 2-1-1 needs to be supported by the public in the same way that we now support 9-1-1 in our communities. But until that time, we need to find the resources to continue supporting 2-1-1. The member organizations of SEACH are unanimous in their support!
David Jamison, Southeast Alabama Coalition for the Homeless Chairman 


2-1-1 has a very comprehensive database of available resources to which to refer the caller, without the caller having to make numerous phone calls only to find out that there is not help available.  2-1-1 knows what each organization is funded to provide in the community and can direct the caller to the right place. Prior to the inception of the 2-1-1 program, it was often frustrating and time-consuming to the caller to make phone calls to agency after agency hoping to find assistance. United Way’s 2-1-1 is truly a partner agency to us.
Susan Holmes, American Red Cross-Wiregrass Area Chapter Executive Director 


It has been extremely helpful working with the Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1 Call Center as we attempt to provide assistance to the needy in our area. Our church provides financial assistance and food nearly every week throughout the year and it helps us to be able to refer those folks to an information agency that will direct them for further assistance. Without such an agency as the Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1 Call Center, we would have to take the extra time to investigate resources in the community, make a list of the resources, and update that list on a regular basis. Prior to the existence of the Call Center, the people we served often felt frustrated as they attempted to navigate through such incomplete and inaccurate lists from our church and from other churches/agencies in the area.
Pastor Joseph L. Johnson & Associate Pastor Sandra E. Lacey-Evergreen Presbyterian Church, Dothan, Alabama 


As the Executive Director of Alabama’s first Family Services Center, I recognize the value of having an easily accessible information and referral system for consumers to contact. Information and referral is a cornerstone of what Family Service Centers do. As a result of recognizing the value of 2-1-1, I wholeheartedly support 2-1-1!
Linda O’Connell-Alfred Saliba Family Services Center Executive Director  


I support 2-1-1. Every hour of every day, someone in the Wiregrass needs essential services – from finding an after-school program to securing adequate health care for a child or care for an aging parent. There is no other entity that can link these callers to all three and much more with one phone call.
Mark Culver-Houston County Commission Chairman


The Southeast Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission Senior Employment Program is a governmental umbrella agency providing a variety of services to the citizens of Southeast Alabama. We have observed through our dealing with citizens, especially senior citizens throughout our seven county region that information and referral services are urgently needed, especially in the rural areas. So many of our citizens need help but do not know where to start. We are proud to partner with Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1 to help the citizens of this region access available resources to help them enhance their quality of life.
Barbara Knight-SEARP & DC Senior Employment Program Director  


The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes the contribution Wiregrass 2-1-1 makes to our community and enthusiastically endorses the services you provide. The mission of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote business and to support the needs of our membership through various programs. It has long been recognized that a community’s quality-of-life is a concern of the business community as well as the community at large. The Wiregrass 2-1-1 program enhances quality-of-life by connecting people with resources, thereby satisfying individual, family, and community needs.
Steve Turkoski-Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce Project Manager  


The extraordinary success of this year’s campaign was due in large measure to the partnership developed with Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1. One of our greatest obstacles in the past has been the difficulty of effectively reaching the right clients and providing timely information on eligibility requirements, application locations and dates, and advanced notice of toy distribution locations and dates. This was accomplished with one telephone call through our partnership with the Wiregrass 2-1-1 system. Our clients were better served and our Toys-for-Tots volunteers were able to concentrate on our primary mission of collecting and distributing toys. We very much look forward to continuing the partnership with Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1.
Mike Walton-Wiregrass Marine Corps League Toys-for-Tots Coordinator 


This program is very beneficial in helping needy citizens of Houston County locate needed services. The 2-1-1 program allows individuals to call one number and determine the community resources which are in the area and available for their needs. In the past it was necessary for individuals to go to a number of different social service agencies seeking available resources. The Houston County Department of Human Resources supports the work that is being done by the Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1.
Mary L. Paulk-Houston County Department of Human Resources Director 


Wiregrass Hope Group is grateful for the 2-1-1 Call Center in Dothan. This local resource enables our agency to get information to people in need of our services in a quick, efficient manner. The 2-1-1 Call Center meets the need by directing them to the community agencies that can address their issues. We believe that Dothan and the Wiregrass community is very fortunate to have this local resource. You are the catalyst of the non-profit community getting our information out to the public at-large.
Harriet S. Faulk-Wiregrass Hope Group Executive Director 


I am acutely aware of the importance of the services provided by this agency. 2-1-1 has the capability to link people in need of assistance with various types of services. The referrals from the 2-1-1 system will better enable SARCOA, the Wiregrass Senior Resource Center, to serve the seniors of our region.
Robert Crowder-SARCOA Area Agency On Aging Executive Director 


As the Executive Director of the Covington County Children’s Policy Council, I want to lend support to the 2-1-1 effort on behalf of the children and families of Covington County. I am particularly interested and thankful for the one-stop service to callers seeking information about referrals for basic human needs and support for children, youth, and families.
Susan J. Short-Covington County Children’s Policy Council Executive Director  


As a community member and a counselor, I know there are many resources in the area that are not accessed because (1) the community is not aware of them, or (2) the community does not know how to go about accessing services. Wiregrass 2-1-1 offers immediate support and information on a variety of issues. I have used your services personally. Your staff is very polite, patient and helpful in finding just the right information needed, based on the information they are given. I have recommended 2-1-1 to my clients and others. If you do not have the answer, you will find it as quickly as possible; the follow-up is fast.
Sharon H. Taylor-Wise Center for Child Abuse Prevention Executive Director  


On behalf of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, I am writing this to support our local 2-1-1 Call Center. The calls I have made as a Senior Rehabilitation Counselor have tremendously helped me better serve my consumers who have disabilities in the surrounding counties in Southeast Alabama. With the current economic situation, the need for this center has magnified.
Pamela R. Solomon, M.Ed., CRC-Department of Rehabilitation Services  


2-1-1 is an integral part of our regional plan to ensure area residents are provided with an easier access to health and human services. Data shows there is clear evidence of the need for this type of call request lines and website service. 2-1-1 compliments and strengthens our plan of work by providing initial help and referrals to health and human services organizations. We pledge our commitment to this project.
Kathleen Sauer-Region 7 Wiregrass Health Committee Co-Chairman  


Geneva County has so few resources. Having 2-1-1 with easy access helps individuals to find clothing, rent assistance, crisis intervention services, job training and many other services that are available.  In regards to Geneva County DHR, individuals can see what services we offer without the added expense of traveling to our office. The 2-1-1 system is quick, reliable and is cost effective. We appreciate the work you do and support this program in its entirety.
Glenda Sue Hays, LCSW-Geneva County DHR Director  


You provide more abundant, timely and effective help than our congregation, as a single entity, ever could. You relieve me, as a pastor, of the burden of screening applicants and making multiple contacts regarding specific requests for help. You educate faith-based and other helping groups about how we can best “plug in” to the helping process, without duplicating efforts or enabling those who abuse the system.  Most of all, you benefit our neighbors at risk by giving them hope, encouragement and targeted assistance. Your service connects people with needed aid and services with a minimum of telephone calls and across-town traveling. Your work is vital to all of us in the Wiregrass, not just the down and out.
Rev. Laurie D. Williams, Pastor-Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church